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Collaborative creativity idea book for educators

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Editeur : Brush Education

Numéro de produit : 9781550598483

ISBN : 9781550598483

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Unlock the creative power of collaborative teams

Imagine telling your group their next task will be building a life-size model of a humpback whale in the foyer. Would they gaze at you with blank stares, or would their eyes light up as they turn to each other to get busy?

Written by a team of five educators, the Collaborative Creativity Idea Book is designed to grow a culture of collaborative creativity in educational and professional environments. This idea book helps educators venture out from Robert Kelly's seminal Collaborative Creativity: Educating for Creative Development, Innovation and Entrepreneurship to discover a wealth of practical learning activities educators can start using today.

The Collaborative Creativity Idea Book goes beyond team-building exercises and icebreakers to walk you through five stages to establish a culture of collaborative creativity:

  • Getting to Know Each Other: build trust and identify strengths among individuals when they first form a group
  • Learning to Listen: enhance group interactivity through the development of deep and active listening, allowing ideas to multiply
  • The Design Process: prepare as a group to tackle larger-scale initiatives that move into real-world contexts
  • Growing the Collaborative Culture of Creativity: establish sophisticated group norms to take on creative-design initiatives of greater complexity
  • Collaborative Creativity for Real-World Audiences: tap into the creative power of the group to engage in real-world problems for real-world audiences

Whether as a support for the Collaborative Creativity textbook or as a standalone resource, the Collaborative Creativity Idea Book for Educators empowers groups to exponentially increase their creative potential to accomplish amazing results.